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Rotring on paper


The persevering one, The persevering one, he will eventually succeed, he shows his stubbornness... his stubbornness to believe in love, to believe that he will succeed, to never give up despite the disappointments. He fights, gently, serene and sure of himself. This rhinoceros gives me courage by its serenity.


Rhinos are locally subject to protection and de reintroduction projects. They are very useful for fertilizing the soil. Ils peuvent mesurer 4 m de longueur pour 1,50 à 2 m de height at the withers, and a mass of around 3 tons. They are the largest living land mammals after the elephant. Rhinos are of the same order as horses and tapirs, not elephants.


This drawing is available as an original and as a digigraphy.
Digigraphy is a technical label that makes it possible to produce or reproduce a work of art in a limited series.


If you would like to know more about this coin or how to become a collector, please fill out the contact form.


I thank you with all my heart.

The persevering one


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